Why You Can’t Wait On People To Travel

I’m not sure what it is, but lately I’ve had this overwhelming thirst for travel that’s just dying to be quenched.  I’m talking, ‘Dora the Explorer, trying to see every one of the Seven Wonders of the World’ type sh*t (whilst wondering how TF I’m going to pay for it – but I digress).  Instead of giving my coins to the local Starbucks’ Barista every morning (b*tch gotta have her vanilla iced coffee), I’d much rather make small financial sacrifices so I can travel the world and experience different cultures. Needless to say, I’ve been on some serious travel shit lately.


I just recently got back from Cancun, Mexico, and saying it was amazing is quite the understatement.  I didn’t go with a huge group of girlfriends (although I would have loved to).  Nope.  Just me and one of my loyal friends/travel companions – because let’s face it, the most annoying shit EVER is trying to get a group of people to travel.

The process goes a little something like this:

Initial Phase of Planning:

Me:  “Hey, y’all want to go to Belize next year?”

Friends:  “Ooh, hell yea! Just tell me how much I gotta pay!”  “Girl, sign me up. I’m trying to GET TROPICAL.” “OMG yassssss, I’m gonna get some wet and wavy clip-ins and errythang!!!”


2nd Phase of Planning:

Me:  “Hey, the 2nd payment is due on the 15th.”

Friends:  “Ooh girl, I need to push it back a couple of weeks.  Can I pay you at the end of the month?”



Intermediate Months Between Planning:

*At least 3 friends dropout*


3rd and Final Phase of Planning:

Me:  “Hey guys! The last payment is due on the 20th.”

Friends:  “Hey girl, I meant to tell you – something came up.  I ain’t gon’ be able to make this trip.”

Lastly, me:


I know some of y’all feel me on this.

So here are a few reasons why you CANNOT and SHOULD NOT wait on others to get your travel on!

1) You’re doing yourself a disservice, seriously.


Waiting on other people to travel is just the WORST.  You’ll find yourself putting a lot of energy into convincing others to travel, when you could be using that same energy into planning a glorious trip for yourself.  If people aren’t into it, don’t get frustrated.  Just do you, and have fun!

2) You don’t need a big group of people to have fun while traveling


To be honest, I’d rather not travel with a group of  b*tches people, simply based on the fact that there’s way too much pettiness many factors involved.  This person wants to see this, but this person wants to do that instead, etc. – super annoying.  Smaller groups are just easier to manage when traveling, period!

3) If you continue to wait on people to travel, you’ll never go anywhere!


This is probably the most important point of this post!  If you continue to wait on others, you’ll never get to go.  That’s just the harsh truth.  People will always have an excuse why they can’t do something, instead of finding reasons why they can – and trying to convince them otherwise is just simply exhausting.  So just do yourself a favor, and honor yourself.  Go out and see the world, even if you have to do it alone!

Happy travels 🙂




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