Why I Threw All F*cks in the Wind and Moved to NYC

Well as most of you know, I am now living in NYC!  I’m talkin’ full on, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt type ish, and just like her crazy ass, I’m loving it!


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But why NYC?  I mean, it smells like piss, like, all the time.  Why would someone want to move here?


Well, I’ll tell you.

When I made the decision to move to NYC, I was going through a pretty rough time.  To say I was completely dissatisfied with how my life was going is an understatement.  Here I was, a health sciences professional who had just earned her master’s degree, landed a kick-ass job with a pretty decent salary, all while simultaneously hating my life. I felt lost. I felt like a failure. I felt like I spent the past few years “climbing the ladder of success, just to discover it was leaning against the wrong building” (or some sh*t like that – I may have misquoted but you get the point).  Anyway, WTF was I doing with my life?  How could I be so unhappy?


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Well the answer is pretty simple. I was not living in my truth.  For years I suppressed my creativity, denying myself of the very things that made me feel alive and set my soul on fire – until one day I had the epiphany that I could no longer live my life for everyone else. What about my happiness?  I had to start living for me!?? Most importantly, the thought of living a life of complacency scared the sh*t outta me.  I mean, have you ever just had something scare the living sh*t out of you? Yes? Well envision that, because that’s how I felt.  I needed something different – something more.  Hell, I just wanted to feel ALIVE!


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So, after scouting out a few potential opportunities in NYC (I didn’t even have a job when I moved), I packed one big suitcase, booked a one-way bus ticket and hauled ass. Was I scared?  HELLZ YEAH.  But nothing scared me more than a life of regret, so I f*ckin’ went for it.


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After slaving away interning at a couple of places, I finally found a dope gig in a more creative space, which eventually led to a full-time job (Mama, I made it!).  I’m happier than I’ve been in years, mainly because I feel like I’m closing in on my purpose. Sure, I still have days where I feel lost – but I’d much rather be lost in the right direction than the wrong one.

I hope my story speaks to someone who’s been considering a life change – and if so, here are few tips that might help!

  1. Research, research, research.  Moving to a new city? Research. Switching careers? Research.  Don’t jump out there blindly. Arm yourself with knowledge!
  2. Look into internships. If you’re thinking of switching careers, interning is not a bad way to go.  This usually results in a drastic paycut, but if you plan accordingly and save your coins (e.g., become a stripper get a part-time job, etc.), you’ll figure out a way to make it work!  It’s doable, so don’t let money, or lack thereof, discourage you.
  3. Have a plan.  Taking a leap of faith does not mean you shouldn’t have some sort of strategy.  Put a plan in place, set goals with timelines and stick to them. Hold yourself accountable.  Have a plan A, B and C.
  4. Network.  Start building your network before you move, switch careers, etc.  Reach out to people who are working in your desired industry.  Go to meet-ups, workshops, career fairs, etc.  Networking will take you places your credentials won’t!
  5. Be persistent. Don’t give up! It’s not going to be easy – as a matter of fact, it will kick your ass.  But every time you think about giving up, think about why you started.  Regret is a m%therf*cker, so keep on pushing!


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The bottom line is this:  The universe will conspire to help you along the way, and opportunities will be there – all you have to do is jump!




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