#WhatLolaWore: Lazy Glam Edition

“Dressing up is the worst” – says all lazy people like myself.

There used to be a time when I would throw on a 6-inch heel to go just about anywhere.  Didn’t matter – the grocery store, CVS, walmart – I mean, just extra AF! Now, you can barely catch me in a pair – you know – cause of feet. I mean, I love fashion and all, but it just seems like it’s not worth the time and effort these days to spend hours upon hours getting all glammed up.  For what? Just to go to Target? Chile, bye. Don’t get me wrong – I love a good fit and beat when I’m going to a special event, but for every day wear? I just can’t – it’s tew much.

dressing up 1

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Nonetheless, I did decide to get a little dolled up lately for a date night w/bae. I kept it really clean and effortless – I barely even did my hair, y’all. And I damn sure didn’t iron.



Style deets:

Olive body con dress: H&M

Kimono: thrifted

Heels: Forever21

Anyone that knows me, knows I’m an extreme frugal shopper.  I just don’t like to pay too much for clothes! Although I like designers and have some faves out there, I’d rather be a little more stingy with my coins and opt for staples that are reasonably-priced, which is what I did with this look. Literally – an old bodycon dress I’ve had for a couple of years and a thrifted kimono which probably cost me – at most – about $15. #Dassit

Since this look is more Summer-ish, I’ve put together a similar option for you that will help you transition into the Fall!

Happy shopping 🙂



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