What to Wear: NYFW Street Style

I say this time and time again, there is nothing more exciting and captivating about NYFW (New York Fashion Week) than street style!  Fashionistas from all over the world step out in their most daring ensembles, making the hundreds of fashion bloggers armed with their trusty cameras go CRAY! Want to feel like a celebrity?  Stir up some paparazzi-like action?  Make some bold street style statements and get your style showcased in some fashion blogs!

Here are a few looks I put together!

Gearin' up for Fashion Week!
Gearing up for Fashion Week! #StreetStyleEdition

Gearing up for Fashion Week! #StreetStyleEdition by kimberlyrb83 featuring seashell jewelry

Gearing up for Fashion Week! #StreetStyleEdition

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