What to Wear: Brunch Behavior

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Anyone who is anyone in DC knows about the long list of kickass brunch spots.  Needless to say, brunch is quite the thing here.  Not only is it a dining experience, it has evolved into a social movement where young professionals gather on Saturday and Sunday mornings to discuss everything from work, gossip, politics, and even the latest episode of Scandal (oooooh Shonda, you did that, honey!)


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Me and my friends are no different, as we too have succumbed to the Brunch craze.  We get together every couple of months to talk about fashion, boys, natural hair and everything in between – all over an endless flow of mimosas!  That’s right, bottomless mimosas – which in theory, seems like a great idea  . . . until you wake up the next morning *pops two aspirins*.  I vote to change bottomless mimosas to bottomless hangovers, but I digress.  In true DC fashion, we were in full brunch attire!  Cool, casual and chic.  No need to overdo it.  Check out some of the looks from yesterday’s brunch!

Check me out in a simple leopard print tee shirt, leather skater skirt and jean vest paired with a comfy pair of red converse shoes!


Photo Credit:  @mizzezlola

Here’s my girl Keisha in an edgy graphic tee (and I do mean graphic!), a pair of white distressed jeans and black wedges.  She’s fun and fearless with her fashion, and I love it!  But here’s a little disclaimer:  freeing the nipple WILL get you kicked out of brunch.

Photo Credit:  @blackswannnn

Peep my girl Kamilya in a deep V-neck top with colorful geometric patterns, a flowy skirt and a pair of white combat boots – all topped off with a vibrant blue handbag.  The colors complement each other so well for a super chic look!  Perfect!


Photo Credit:  @trinibynature

 Looking for a cute outfit for your next brunch outing?  I’ve put something together for you!

Brunch Behavior


I hope this helps!  Show us your best #BrunchBehavior!!! 🙂

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