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What I Wore: Sunday Funday!

Happy Sunday, Luvs!  I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend, despite the cold weather.  Like, #burr; enough already!

Although it has been quite freezing out there, that still hasn’t stopped me from wearing spring/summer items in the winter!  It’s kinda like magic; I see a spring/summer piece; I throw on a long sleeve shirt and tights under, maybe a cardi, and VOILA.  Total winter time outfit.  Viva la optimization!!!

Today I decided to wear a jumper that I bought from Macy’s last summer.  Since I’m like oh so crazy obsessed with denim shirts, of course I put one under the jumper.  I threw on some brown tights and boots, and a neutral cardi over.  I even spruced it up with a nice chunky necklace (which I’m also obsessed with)!

Check out the shirt and necklace I chose.


Here’s a pic of the actual jumper; you can see it here in its entirety.


Now here’s me just strolling around the city after Brunch.  Sorry, you can’t really see the jumper because it was frickin BURR outside, so I had to wear my coat! Blah.



That’s pretty much it for my #SundayFunday!  Hope you enjoyed! 🙂

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