“Uniquely You” Campaign by Modcloth

I was recently selected to participate in the “Uniquely You” Campaign by Modcloth!  How exciting!  My participation entails creating a unique styling set using a key piece from Modcloth; in this set, I styled items around the Shoreline Memories dress.  I think this look is perfect for a Summer’s Night, whether you’re hanging out with friends, going to see a movie, or going on a date.  Additionally, it has a total “vintage” feel, for all my fellow “vintage lovers” out there (#VintageLoversUnite).  It also embodies the essence of femininity, all while being flirty and fun!  Let’s be real, we all know Summer time is the PERFECT time for femininity, flirty and FUN!

Summer Nights!

As I was creating this set, a little “thought bubble” popped up in my head with an image of Zooey Deschanel!  This look is SO her; totally something she’d wear on the set of New Girl, or even perhaps in real life!  It’s quirky, bright and fun, while LOTS of personality.

And for me, that’s what style is all about; a reflection of your mood and personality.  It is up to YOU to bring it to LIFE!

*steps off soapbox*

Hop on over to Modcloth to check out more cute dresses, bathing suits, and other cool summer gear!  #HappyShopping 🙂

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