Summer Style Tips!

Photo Credit: Mathias Ripp (cc)

Yesssss, Luvies!  Summer has finally decided to come out of hibernation, and boy did it wake up pissed, sheesh!  *stands in front of box fan in window – slings hair – sings a little Beyonce tune* Sorry, I digress.

So yea, we’ve established that it’s hot as ever out there.  So what do you wear in this heat?  What do you do? How do you survive a zombie apocalypse? How do you play that damn Kim Kardashian video game?!  I need answers!  Ok, maybe it doesn’t require that level of dramatics or, randomness, but yea, everyone needs a few tips to get through this brutal heat.  So lucky for you, I have devised this list of Summer Style tips!

1) #TeamNoCakeFace – Yea, I said it!  There’s nothing more uncomfortable and quite frankly, unattractive, than to see a woman whose foundation is dripping off her face like ice cream.  Like, seriously.  Go for a more natural look; less makeup, more beauty.  Girls sweat too, so do yourself a favor and take it easy on the make up – it’s just too hot!


Photo Credit:  Thamires Vieira (cc)

2)  Wear Lightweight and Flowy Fabrics – Maxi dresses and skirts are puuuuurfect for Summer weather!  Very lightweight, feminine, comfortable and cool!  You can wear them as is, belt it, or whatever – play around with some different looks!  I mean, its hot, right?

Ode to Summer

3)  TopKnots Are Hot – Yes, it’s just toooo hot for all that hair on your neck and shoulders.  I mean, you could get ballsy and rock a Summer cut, but if you’re a chicken like me, settle for a messy bun or top knot!  I mean, seriously, it’s just too hot.  No, seriously!

PicMonkey Collage top knot

Photo Credit (L to R):  Maegan Tintari (cc); Nasrul Ekram (cc); Wicker Paradise (cc)

4)  Deodorant is Your Friend – Yea, yea – common sense, I know.  But you’d be surprised how many people don’t get this!  Carry around a small travel-sized deodorant stick in your hand bag!  This will keep you cool, fresh and confident in the midst of this relentless heat.  I mean, it’s just TOO hot to stink, you know?


5)  Stay Hydrated – Most important tip of all time, every time!  Make sure you drink water like your life depends on it – well, it pretty much does!  This will keep you cool and hydrated throughout the heat.  Stay away from sodas and sugary drinks and pick up a bottle of water instead.  Thank me later! ‘Cause it’s just way too hot!


 Photo Credit:  Nick (cc)

I hope these Summer Style tips keep you cool, fresh and fab, all season long!  🙂

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