summer style 2017

Summer Style 2017 – Oversized Tees & Heels

what to wear this summer?

With Summer finally arriving this week, I’ve been thinking about what I want my aesthetic to be this year. The thought has been flighting though, if I’m being honest, because I’ve been super busy this year with building my business, moving, etc. Quite frankly, I just haven’t had a chance the coins to invest in a wardrobe this year.

summer style 2017

casual summer outfit ideas 2017

You know what I’ve been into lately though? A good ol’ Oversized Men’s Graphic Tee with a chic sandal heel. Seriously, every department store I go into, whether it’s Target, Ross, Walmart, etc. (cause this little lady’s on a tight ass budget), I find myself zipping right past the women’s section and looking for the Men’s.

summer style 2017
Image: via

My Summer Style 2017

I’ve picked up a couple of cool tees from the places mentioned above, like this Rolling Stone Graphic Tee from Target — which I’ve been pairing with my gladiator style sandals.

summer style 2017
Image: Taken by Brandi Mishonna from Pretty Girl Smarter Woman

Rolling Stones Tee: Target

Fringe handbag: Steve Madden

Gladiator Heels: Michael Antonio via DSW

Flannel Shirt (wrapped around bag): Forever 21

Nonetheless, with so much going on in my life right now, I just don’t have the time to think about what I’m going to wear! It needs to be fast and chic, baby, cause I ain’t got the time.

What is your Summer style for 2017?!



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