Summer Nails: Water Marble Art

Although it’s not quite Summer yet, the hot temps outside definitely lets me know it’s en route.  And nothing says “hello Summer” like bright colorful nails!  I’ll admit, I don’t polish my nails regularly like I should (mostly because polish chips waaay too quickly), but every now and then, I get in the mood for an edgy and colorful nail!

Today I visited my Mom’s house, and since she’s like “Queen Coupon” these days (seriously, it’s like, a thing), there were bottles  and bottles of bright nail polishes sitting on the dresser in my old room.  My heart literally skipped a beat, I kid you not! (Yea I know, such a girl).  Inspired by the array of Summer colors before me, I thought it was time for some good ol’ nail polishin’!


Whilst perusing Youtube (one of my guilty pleasures – oh come on, I’m not the only one), I ran across a Water Marble Art Nail Polish tutorial.  Since I had plenty of colors to choose from, I thought I’d take my shot at it!  The brand was Wet n’ Wild, which I know is considered “cheap polish”, but it all chips anyway so I don’t mind using a less expensive nail polish.  I used Dreamy Poppy, Sunny Side Up and French White Creme.


Then, I set up my little station for my Water Marble Art.  I put some water in a styrofoam cup, and proceeded to drop the colors in the water one by one, for example, one drop of Dreamy Poppy, one drop of Sunny Side Up, and then one drop of French White Creme, in that order.  I did this until I created colorful rings, kind of like the rings of a tree as you can see below.

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Once I had  my colorful rings, I used a toothpick to create a design.  Once that was all set, I dipped both my ring finger nails into the cup.

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It actually turned out great!  But don’t get discouraged if it takes a few tries because this is very hard to do.  However, once you get the hang of it, you’re golden!

Check out the pic below!


If you want to try this at home, check out the DIY YouTube tutorial below.  And remember, get creative!

Happy polishin’!!! 🙂

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