Style Tips for the Thirty-Somethings!

Rock Forever 21 but just turned thirty- Yeezus

So, you’re approaching (or are in) your thirties and you see a fresh-faced twenty year old-something wearing the newest trend.   In a vain attempt to “get the look,” you find yourself standing in the middle of Forever 21 with a graphic tee and mini skirt, a veiled beanie, thigh-high socks and combat boots – looking and feeling every bit of 31. Out of place much?!  I know we’d hate to admit it, but maybe Yeezus was on to something!  All of a sudden, you don’t feel so comfortable in those teeny weeny, oh-so-trendy clothes.  Seriously, what happened?  Is the world coming to an end?!

The answer is a resounding no (you can put away your zombie survival kit now).  However, with age comes evolution, and your personal style is no different.  If this sounds like you, don’t fret – this post is for you!  Here are 3 style tips for the thirty-somethings!

  • Less Trends, More Staples – Ditch the “trend of the week ” and go for that fabulous blazer, perfect-fitting denim jean, and chic pump! Not only can staple pieces do wonders for your wardrobe, they also help to maximize your closet!
Less Trendy, More Staples!

Less Trendy, More Staples! by kimberlyrb83 featuring a white jacket

  • Quality not Quantity – Invest in your wardrobe! It took me years to realize this.  I’m not saying throw frugality into the wind, but it’s better to have a few great quality pieces than 100 pieces that fall apart after one wash!  Don’t you hate that?!
  • RZEmbrace the New You – Accept that your style is evolving! Just look at it as an opportunity to become even more fabulous than you were the day before!


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