Stop Trying To Figure Sh*t Out

But for real tho.

I have a bad habit of trying to figure everything out.  I mean, it’s literally 3 am and I’m typing while lying in bed (Idk how I’m pulling this off btw).   Per usual, I can’t sleep because I’m wide awake trying to figure sh*t out.

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For the longest time I’ve over analyzed everything in my life.  Well, idk if “overanalyzed” is the right term, because I guess it’s good to analyze some things – but I’ve tried sooooo incredibly hard to figure out my life.  You know, the serious things in life like, “What am I going to eat tonight? . . . . Do I want to go to happy hour? . . . Do I want something sweet for brunch like, french toast, or am I feeling omelet-ish?” – JUST GUIDE MY STEPS, LORD! ?

Nah, but for real. I’ve realized that while solely focusing on the future, I’ve essentially lost the essence of living in the present. You know what I mean?  Truly being grateful for where I am in life, right now. Not tomorrow – not 5 years from now – but RIGHT NOW.

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I once asked a friend – who I consider to be pretty successful – how they figured it all out.  Their response to me was, “I didn’t” – then had the nerve to follow that up with a Kanye shrug!  Y’all know me – I stood there looking confused AF – clearly trying to figure that sh*t out, right?  So then I’m all like, “Well….how, Sway?”

figure it out 3

The explanation was pretty simple.  They basically stopped trying to figure out everything a long time ago. Instead, they started focusing on the things that made them happy, and began to do more of that. “Just keep doing things that make you happy,” they said. I. Was. Not. Readyyyy. All of these self-help books and sh*t I’ve read – you mean to tell me that was the answer this whole damn time?!  Hell, I got 2 degrees, and I couldn’t even figure that sh*t out?


figure it out 4

Long story short – I took this advice. I started doing things that made me happy – things that I felt good about – and kept doing more of it. I feel like it’s leading me to a good place – I don’t really know yet – still trying to figure that sh*t out (but I guess you knew that already).

Anyway, there’s really no lesson or advice here – I guess – just wanted to get that off my chest. Take from it what you will – maybe it will help you figure some sh*t out!




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