Sip, Bites and Beats!

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This past week was DC Fashion week, which was packed with fashion shows, networking events, and various meet n’ greets among the fashion community.  I had the pleasure of attending Sip, Bites, and Beats, an event hosted by CapFABB, which was held at CUSP in the Neiman Marcus Gallerie.  As soon as  I walked in, there was a Fall presentation (mini fashion show) occurring.  The attendees were seated front row of the presentation, holding their champagne glasses and snapping pics of the models.  The room was filled with high energy and “oohs and aahs” as the models walked by in their chic attire.

It is always so nice to attend these events, as you get the opportunity to meet and network with people who have the same passion for fashion as you do.  As experience levels range from new bloggers (such as myself) to highly experienced bloggers, models, stylists, etc., it is nice to gain insight and perspective from other individuals.  Here are a few lessons that I took from this event:

  1. Always have business cards! – Every professional should have business cards to represent themselves and their brand.  Since I’m new to the whole fashion blogging thing, I’m a little behind!  Everyone I met was exchanging biz cards.  It’s like a keepsake of all the cool people you meet and connect with, and something to keep for future reference in case you ever need to reach out to that person!  Get yourself some professionally made business cards and don’t hesitate to pass them out to everyone you meet!
  2. “Closed mouths don’t get fed.” – Have you ever heard that phrase?  Well if not, it means don’t be afraid to ask for what you want!  Sometimes we may feel intimidated by another person’s experience level (I am extremely guilty of this), but if you want to know something, just ask!  Don’t be afraid to walk up to people and introduce yourself.  Ask them about their experience, perspectives, and even for guidance.  Ask to take pictures of their looks and post to your blog.  You’ll be surprised just how willing people can be to share information with you and help you along the way.  All you have to do is ASK!
  3. Buy a Professional Camera! – Pictures are very essential to the quality of your blog, as they are literally worth a thousand words.  Most of the bloggers in attendance had professional cameras, and were snapping pics of everything from the appetizers to the models to the bloggers’ attire.  It is very important to fully capture every aspect of an event that you will be posting on your blog.  Those who enjoy fashion are very visual, so give them great photos!  Invest in a professional camera! (yes, I need to take my own advice!)

All in all, it was an awesome experience and I met some really great people!  Check out the pics below!

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Check out Twiggy over at; super cute blog!

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I LOVED Saumya’s mixed prints look!  It inspired a future post (stay tuned).  Check her out over at!

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My fellow fashionista and friend, Tabriah!  Her feature is coming soon (I promise!)

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Ayana from and I!  She always looks fab! Never mind my moonboot (argh)!

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I loved her cream sheer embroidered shirt and Valentino’s!  Very chic!

Shoe Cam!!!! Super cute! 🙂

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