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Well, it’s already February! Can you believe that? No seriously, CAN. YOU. BELIEVE. IT. Where in the world did January go?! It was literally Christmas about 2.2 seconds ago, and now we’re just a fews days shy of Valentine’s day. Sheesh, this year is already flying by and I am not readyyyyyyyyy!

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February is usually a weird month for me anyway – probably for you too. First off, it’s cold as ALL GET OUT. So all I want to do is stay inside and hibernate until the weather starts to break, because I haaaate being cold. I mean let’s be real –  we’re all pretty much over the winter, right? The fluctuating temps, the heavy coats, scarves and gloves – argh, can we just skip to like, May please? No? Argh. Well, I guess I can’t complain too much since there have been a few sunny days sprinkled here and there, so I’m always thankful for that. Luckily for me, I was prepared for those bright days, as I recently linked up with Nora NYC for a new pair of cool sunnies, which, as it turns out, are perfect for ANY season! ?

women's sunglasses, Nora NYC, lifestyle blogger, black girls who blog, lifestyle blog

If I’m being honest, I never really was the type to buy a whole lot of sunglasses. For the longest, I thought I looked funny in them (perhaps I still look funny in them, but bear with me here). However, when I tried on these  “Manhattan” women’s sunglasses from Nora NYC, I fell in love instantly. I’m super into rose gold these days (hence my rose gold laptop and phone case, etc.), so these were perfect. Not to mention, the style gives me a slight “superstar” feel. And superstar I certainly am NOT (a hot mess is more accurate), but a girl can dream, right?

Anywhoo, I love them sooooo much that I’ve teamed up with Nora NYC to give you 10% OFF your next purchase! Who hoo!

women's sunglasses, Nora NYC, lifestyle blogger, black girls who blog, lifestyle blog

Click here to shop!

And make sure you use New Shades at checkout to cash in on your discount!

Hope you enjoy, and can’t wait to see you rock your new sunnies!





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