My Love vs Hate Relationship With Productivity

We need to talk about productivity, y’all.


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When I’m in productive mode – I’ll admit – I feel like a boss ass b*tch.  I mean, I’m getting things done and sh*t – just killin’ the productivity game.  But there are times when I can’t seem to get anything done.  I’m on my phone; I’m watching Game of Thrones; I’m sleeping; I’m eating — literally, just doing a whole bunch of nothing.


Seriously, my weekends tend to go a little something like this:


  • Wake up hella late
  • Think about all the “adulting” tasks I need to accomplish
  • Continue to lay there for another 2 hours
  • Check all my social platforms
  • Eat
  • Maybe take another nap
  • Get into a new tv series
  • Only commit to watching one more episode before I start Task #1
  • 3 episodes later, I decide it might be time to take a shower
  • Oops, time to eat again
  • Ok, just 1 more episode
  • Look at clock – damn it’s already 10pm?
  • Welp, too late to start a task – I’ll just do it tomorrow


  • Annnnnnnnd repeat.


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Needless to say, I gotta do better, y’all.

Don’t get me wrong, you should definitely take some time to rest during your days off — it can be much needed. But sometimes, when you spend most of your week working for someone else, it’s almost necessary to dedicate at least a portion of your weekend to working on your own personal projects/goals.

So I’ve decided to give myself an agenda/checklist of things to accomplish during the weekend, but most importantly, hold myself accountable for those things. That’s the biggest thing — mentally committing to completing those tasks.  Because if I’m not mentally committed to the process, I be lookin’ at that checklist like, “Ayo f*ck that checklist” and then back to sleep I go.  So I gotta work on that!

love vs hate relationship with productivity

Here are some other tips to increase productivity (some tips from Forbes):

  • Wake up earlier *weeps*
  • Create a getting shit done To-Do list
  • Eliminate distractions (i.e., putting your phone down so you can actually get sh*t done)
  • Not watching tv for a while (that’s right — no Game of Thrones or Walking Dead)
  • Take “mental breaks” when needed  (but not 1- 3 hour long breaks to watch Game of Thrones, like I do)
  • block off time to get tasks done
  • maybe listen to some music, or set a mood that increases your productivity

What are some ways you increase your productivity?






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