Monday Fashion Funday!


Questions that need answers!!!!! Argh!

Happy Monday, Luvs!

I swear, these weeks and weekends are flying by at record rates these days!  Seems like I was just packing up to leave work on Friday and looking forward to the next two days off.  Now it’s back to Monday and I am exhausted!

fashion quotes

Oh well, I hope everyone had a fun and fashionable weekend!  🙂

A lot of people dread Mondays, but there’s a silver lining in every cloud (if that’s what we’re comparing Mondays to!).  For some, Mondays symbolize the start of a new week; a new chance to get things right or embark on challenges, tasks or journeys you did not start the week(s) prior.  Let’s use this week as a brand new slate!

Set a few short-terms goals to meet this week.  I’ve been slacking on my clean-eating regimen, so I plan to get back on schedule this week; because despite what people may think, you can’t be totally Fab without being Fit!  I also need to officially pack away summer clothes and bring out the Fall/Winter attire.  So those are my two short-term goals for the week.  What will you accomplish?


It’s a new week and another opportunity to be chic!  Let’s make it a great one!

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