Mixed Prints!!!

So I attended a DC fashion week event last week (Sip, Bites and Beats) and got tons of inspiration! This was a fashion and style blogging networking event, so you know everyone was dressed to impress.  However, the person that stood out the most to me was Ms. Saumya from Myriad Musings (featured in my previous post); I thought her mixed prints look was AMAZING.  By far, she had the best look of the night!  Although the patterns were completely different from each other, they complimented each other so well!  Even down to the color scheme, the handbag and the shoes.  And I’m thinking to myself, like, how in the world did she think of that?!  So creative, and TOTALLY offbeat AND chic! Check it out!

PicMonkey Collage - Mixed Prints

The thought of mixed prints is scary!  Like, how do I put the right pieces together?  Will I look like a clown?  Help!!!!  I’ve always liked this trend on other people, I just didn’t think I could actually pull it off (see, there I go with the negative thinking again – tsk tsk – workin’ on it).  So after many false starts (many, many, many false starts), I think I finally got the hang of it!  Here are some tips that I’ve learned to successfully pull off a mixed print look:

  • Repeat One Color:  Make sure there is one color that repeats itself in every piece of the outfit.  For example, if you are going to wear a plaid shirt that has the color brown in it, make sure your other piece, let’s say a leopard-print skirt, also has brown in it!  Check out @champagneforlunch and @laronicasmith‘s looks!  Their tops and bottoms both have brown in them, so the pieces compliment each other really well even though they are completely different patterns!

obmc mixed prints 3

Photo Credit:  @champagneforlunch

obmc mixed prints 10

Photo Credit:  @laronicasmith

  • Florals and Stripes:  Two patterns that every woman should have in her closet are floral and stripes.  Which is great, because it just so happens that these two patterns compliment each other extremely well!  Again, apply the first rule to this and you should be golden.  Check it out!

PicMonkey Collage - mixed prints 3

Photo Credit:  Me (@mizzezlola); Yep, I totally tried it and I am not ashamed! I love it!  Here’s another stripe and floral look:

obmc mixed prints 7

Photo Credit: Me (@mizzezlola)

  • Animal on Animal Print:  This is probably the most popular mixed print style.  Yea, in theory it sounds a little violent, but don’t be scared!  Animal on animal print is totally in for this Fall.  Mix your leopards and zebra prints, or whatever floats your boat; just be sure to apply that first rule and you’re all set! Check out Rihanna’s fab animal on animal look!


Here’s another animal on animal look.  Look at those rings!

obmc mixed prints 6

  • Freestyle:  Since there are no rules to fashion, you can pretty much pair any patterns that your heart desires!  Go with your gut.  If you think it looks good and it makes you feel good, then step out in confidence and “wow” them!  Get creative and see what fun combinations you can come up with!  Here’s a great mixed print look from MidriffMadrid.  I love these patterns together, and the colors compliment each other extremely well!  Very chic; I can’t wait to try this!

obmc mixed prints 14

Photo Credit:  www.midriffmadrid.com

Oh, and you know we can’t talk about mixed prints and NOT mention Solange!!! She is the Queen!

PicMonkey Collage -  solange

So yea, that’s about all I have to say about this trend. If you decide this look is for you, you will see your wardrobe grow exponentially!  You’ll start coming up with so many combinations and looks, people will start to think you never wear the same thing twice!  So get creative!

Offbeat meets chic!

Here are a few more chic mixed print looks for good measure!  I’m officially sold 🙂

obmc mixed prints 11


obmc mixed prints 13

Photo Credit:  www.midriffmadrid.com

obmc mixed prints 12

I am ALL the way here for this!  So chic!

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