Make a Statement . . . Necklace, That Is!

Statement Necklaces that Rock!

Oh how I love a good ole’, gaudy, over-the-top, chunky statement necklace!

Seems like I’m always on the hunt for one.  Apparently, I’m not the only one as every where you turn, whether in magazines, fashion blogs, runway shows, wherever, anyone who’s fashionably-savvy is rockin’ one! And to me, the gaudier,  the GORGE.  It makes a statement like, “Hey everybody, look at me, I’m frickin’ FABULOUS.”  Or something like that (maybe this is just in my head – I don’t know *shrugs*).

More Statement Necklaces!

Photo Credit:  Polyvore

Anyway, as mentioned above, I’m always searching for that perfect statement necklace; one that’s unique, eclectic, funky and edgy.  And as popular as they are, sometimes that’s really hard to find!  Either I can’t find one that I’ve envisioned, or if I do, it’s way too expensive.  So I had an epiphany the other day (I’m like Queen Epiphany – or perhaps this is ADHD);  I asked myself, “Why don’t I just make my OWN statement necklace?!”  Total “TaDa” moment!


This is my “TaDa” face, by the way!

So that’s what I did!  I searched trusty ol’ Google (sidenote – whatever happened to Jeeves?  Did he get fired?), and found a couple of DIY tutorials!  And BAM, the rest is history.

First I went to Michael’s for my supplies (nose pliers, a couple of gold chains, some lace and leopard-print ribbon, wire, lobster claws and the Sonic-lookin’ jump ring thingys).  Then I ransacked my house for scrap fabric and old jewelry (an old pair of denim jeans, some pearls, old necklaces, chains, etc.).  Then I got busy!


This is the outcome!  I just love it because it’s so ME.




What do you think?  Here’s a link to the website if you’d like to try it on your own!

Now there are endless possibilities to the statement necklaces I can make! Super excited!

Happy crafting! 🙂

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