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Who’s living their best life? No – like TRULY living their best life? I imagine living your best life looks a little something like this:
live your best life 2
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I’m living vicariously through him, btw ?? #werk
But seriously, are you fulfilled? Do you feel like you’re walking in your purpose? Are you passionate about what you do? These questions have haunted me for a very long time. This is me basically every time someone asks me how my life is going:
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A lot of us – myself included – don’t always feel like we’re living our best lives, but I think the most important thing is to strive for it every single day. Make each day great, which will then turn into consecutive days of absolute f*cking greatness. I’ve been trying to do this a lot lately, and it has worked wonders for my perspective! #honestlytruly
Easier said than done, of course, but what’s helped me over the years is to always be mindful of my thoughts. Our brains are programmed to focus on negativity, so it takes some work and re-wiring to turn that switch to positive thinking. So every time a negative thought creeps up in your mind, say to that negative thought, “hey, F*CK YOU, NEGATIVE THOUGHT.” Then, replace that negative thought with a positive one. Do this every single time. Simple enough, right?!
Give this a try next time you’re feeling down, and watch how your mood changes!
I hope this helps!

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