Let’s Get Thrifted! Part Deux

Hello, my name is Kim, and I’m a chronic thrifter.

Ahh, feels so good to admit that – not that there’s anything wrong with it!  I absolutely love thrifting because it allows you to find unique pieces at extremely affordable prices.  I am a fan of vintage clothes as well, so thrifting has been very good for my wardrobe!

During one of my thrifing escapades I found a vintage pair of high-waisted cream slacks.  At first I didn’t know what to do with them, and then I kept circling back around like the little vintage vulture that I am, to see if I really liked them.  Turns out, I did, and maybe after the third time I had a vision of what I would wear with them.  Since the slacks were only about $6, I said, “why not?!”

I decided to pair them with a leopard-print crop top (old), an Express belt, and my trusty ol’ nude pumps (Steve Madden)!

Check it out!


So the next time you ride past a thrift store, drop in!  You’ll be surprised at the hidden treasures you will find! 🙂

Happy thrifting!


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