Kendall and Kylie Collaborate with Steve Madden!

After so many years of obsessing over Kim, Kourtney and Khloe’s fashions, could it be, JUST maybe, that Kendall and Kylie are the true fashionistas of the Kardashian family?!

*insert suspenseful music here*


Photo Credit:  @kendalljenner

We’ll let them hash it out.  However, it IS true that Kendall and Kylie just announced their collaboration with Steve Madden for Madden Girl!  Giving them yet another retailer to add to their resumes (they just released their Spring 2014 collection with Pac Sun).  How dope is that?


In the pic Kendall posted to her Instagram this past Friday, the younger siblings are certainly not camera-shy when it comes to showcasing their individual styles.  In this campaign photo, they’re giving us all types of urban chic, casual and fun, as they pair cropped animal-print and graphic tees with mini shorts, platform wedges and stiletto sandals, all topped with funky fitted caps.

Cali swag all cray.


Photo Credit:  @kendalljenner

Not only will their collection include fierce footwear, but handbags as well (not shown in the pic above).  I’m hoping for another sneak peek!  Eek!

I think it’s awesome that Kendall and Kylie don’t wallow in the shadow of their sisters’ success, but in fact create their own!  Both girls have unique styles, and I can’t wait to see their shoe/handbag collection for Steve Madden!

This has officially been deemed #DOPE.

What do you think?!

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