JORD watches, wooden watches

JORD Watch Giveaway!

The older I get, the more I appreciate the concept of time. Believe it or not, time is really all we have. And to be honest, it’s not always promised. Therefore, I’m always making a conscious effort to ensure I’m utilizing my time in the BEST way possible. Simply put, I ain’t got time to waste time …. let the church say Amen?

JORD watch

That’s why when presented with an opportunity to collaborate with JORD (this super cool watch company) I immediately knew the timing was right (not trying to be cheesy here – but for real though). I’ll admit, I haven’t worn a watch in a very long time – you know, because cell phones – but I’m always a sucker for a nice piece of arm candy! Plus, I love their whole concept about making every moment count, which essentially, is my life mantra. So needless to say, I was totally here for it.

JORD watch, women's watch

I’m loving this dark sandalwood finish with a POP of emerald. It’s just perfect, and totally matches all my leopard print stuff soooooo…..there’s that. Plus, the weather is starting to warm up, so this watch will go perfectly with my spring clothes! Let’s face it, the damn watch is chic and effortless, and I dig it!

JORD watches, wooden watches

Not to mention, this women’s watch is sustainable, if you care about the whole “Saving the Earth” thing (which you totally should).

Here’s the good part, we’re offering everyone who signs up a $25 e-gift code (I’m talkin’ everybody and their MAMA, y’all) for a watch of their choice – and get this – one lucky winner will get a $100 e-gift code!

Enter the contest here!

And for your shopping reference, check out the links below!

Shop men’s watches here.

Shop women’s watches here.

JORD watch

Happy shopping, guys, and hop to it – time’s a tickin’ 🙂



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