It’s All About the Scarves, Baby!!!

Remember those days as a child, when it was bitter cold outside and your mom said “Make sure you wear your scarf!!!”  Ugh! I don’t know about you, but I caught a serious case of “rolling-the-eyes” every time I heard this.  But oh how the times have changed!  Nowadays, a nice fashionable and chic scarf serves as a staple piece in your Fall and Winter wardrobe, even in the Spring!  Depending on the color and pattern of your scarf, it can be a simple accessory to add that special touch to your look, or even the centerpiece!  Regular or infinity scarves (the ones that loop around in a circle), it doesn’t matter; scarves are a total must-have!

PicMonkey Collage - scarves3

As shown below, I have been known to be a habitual scarf-wearer.  Pick any given day or time during the Fall and Winter seasons, and I can assure you I will most likely be wearing a scarf!   

I was scrolling through Facebook yesterday and I saw my fabulous friend, Shri-ba-dee as I like to call her, rocking her green and blue scarf! This is a very clean and polished, yet chic look, as the hair pulled back and lip gloss gives her simple effortless beauty, making the scarf the centerpiece! And the earrings are perfect! Very cute! obmc scarves 5

Check out Lindsay in her gorgeous scarf and mixed prints! This is a very unique combination, and the mixed patterns compliment each other so well.  So offbeat and chic!

obmc scarves 11

Here’s my fellow fashionista, Tabriah, rocking a grey scarf with her houndstooth print top.  She can find 101 ways to wear a scarf! obmc scarves 13

And whoever said scarves can only be worn around the neck is extremely outdated.  You can mix it up; wear it as a headband or headwrap, a belt, etc.  The options are limitless.  Check out the styles below:

Here’s a little guide on how to tie your scarf.    Pretty fancy, huh?!obmc scarves 12

So get creative because scarf season is finally upon us!  🙂

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