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It’s a brand new week – and you know what that means?  Another week of hell?  You guessed it – another chance to accomplish your goals and another chance to get it right! ?? People typically hate Mondays – myself included sometimes – but I’m slowly learning to embrace the endless and exciting opportunities a new week can bring.  More importantly, for me, a new week means a chance to be better, smarter and faster than I was a week before!  It really is that whole “glass full vs. empty” perspective kinda’ thing.

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I’ve recently gone through another transition in my life where I’m now my own boss and in charge of my own schedule – and needless to say – staying on schedule and maintaining my productivity has not been as easy as I thought it would be. Procrastination is a MF, and you’d be surprised how fast time gets away from you when you don’t have anyone managing you or your tasks.  But if you really think about it, life is all about handling your sh*t. Period.  Pretty simple concept, right?

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All you need to get to the next level is to simply handle your sh*t – in whatever way that applies to you. Want a new job? Handle your sh*t.  Want to buy a house?  Then handle your sh*t.  Want to save money? Handle your sh*t.  Want to lose a few lbs? Stop eating bullsh*t Handle your sh*t.  It really is the remedy for everything in life!!!

So this week, I’m solely focusing on handling my sh*t – in all aspects of life.  Below are a few ways I plan to do that, and you can too!

1 – Write a list of all the sh*t I need to accomplish this week, including daily and weekly goals

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I’m not going to sit around and talk about all the things I’m going to accomplish this week – I’m actually going to DO them. Trust me, there’s a big difference! Writing your goals down and checking them off as you go holds you accountable, and helps you re-assess/re-evaluate when things need to be shuffled around and re-prioritized.  Write them down and watch sh*t get real!

2 – Prioritize that list based on importance, time, etc. – and decide which tasks to tackle first  

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It might be really easy to do what this guy above is doing – simply because having a long list of tasks can be quite overwhelming – even for the seasoned professional.  What seems to help me – in addition to writing them down – is to prioritize my tasks based on the amount of time it’ll take me to complete each one, especially if some are more time-sensitive than others.  People also suggest tackling smaller tasks first, as to leave enough time for your bigger tasks. You just have to decide which method works best for you!

3 – Minimize distractions

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As a social media professional, it’s really hard to weed out distractions since most of my time is spent online.  To help with this,  I’ll sometimes put my phone on “do not disturb” and/or turn off my notifications so I can block time out to complete my tasks. I also allow myself “freedom breaks” where I check my social media, check-in with my group chats, etc. – but I try to be very mindful of the amount of time I’m spending off-task.

4 – Remember why you’re doing this in the first place

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Focusing on your end goal and long-term vision will help put everything in perspective as you’re working on your tasks and ultimately, towards your goals!

I hope this helps you reach your goals this week 🙂



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