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6 Tips for Finding Your Tribe

When I first started blogging, I thought I would get so much support from people I knew — friends, family, significant others….everyone.  Basically, I thought all I needed to do was put my carefully-crafted blog posts (that I spent hours working on) into the universe and my people would be lining up to like, share and engage. I had heard of “finding your tribe” before, but didn’t really know what it meant up until that point. Hell, I didn’t even THINK about finding a tribe, because I thought I already had one!

Listen. I was wrong, and hurt. Surely some of you can relate.

how to find your tribe
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See, often times we think friends and family should support us automatically . I mean, that’s essentially what friends and family are for, right? The answer to that question is a partial “yes,” but unfortunately, this doesn’t always apply when it comes to your business. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure they love you and all, and will do anything for you, but that doesn’t guarantee they’re going to go above and beyond to help you achieve your business goals, and I’ll tell you why.

They’re not your target audience, or tribe. Period.

finding your tribe
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This can be a hard pill to swallow, trust me, I know this for a fact. But just because they’re your friend or family, doesn’t mean they share the same interests as you. And that’s okay! All they really need to do for you, is be there as family or a friend in your time of need. That’s it.

For example, if you’re selling natural hair care products, maybe your friends aren’t liking, sharing, commenting on your posts because they’re simply not into that. Maybe your friends didn’t share that post about that dope 80’s sweatshirt you’re selling in your online shop because they’re not into vintage clothing. So then you must ask yourself — is guilt-tripping forcing them to buy into, invest in, and engage with what you’re offering really beneficial for your business? The answer is NO. You should be aiming to attract people who share your same interests and want to invest in you organically, NOT out of obligation.

Obligation doesn’t generate coins, boo. Sorry!

So with that being said, here are 6 tips for finding your tribe!

Finding your tribe

finding your tribe

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Put into the universe what you’re looking to attract

Are you into basket-weaving? Put it into the universe (and by universe, I basically mean put it on social media lol). Are you into health and wellness? Post about it and make an effort to connect with others who are into the same thing. Make this a practice, and you’ll see people who share the interest(s) gravitate towards you. Remember, what you put out into the universe is what you attract, so showcase what you’d like to bring into your life!

Attend meet-ups and networking events

I’m sure there are tons of events surrounding your interests —  you just have to find them! Whatever your niche, find events that are related and attend them, even if you have to go alone. You’ll surely meet new people who are into the same things as you!

Be the first to reach out

Search social media for people who share your interests — especially if you live in the same area —  and invite them out for a meet and greet! This can consist of a related event, workshop, or maybe even brunch or a coffee date. Being the first to reach out can be very intimidating, but I’m sure the other person is also looking to connect with like-minded individuals. What’s the worst they can say? No?

Try new things

Amazing things never came from comfort zones, so if you want to evolve and attract like-minded people, you may have to try new things! Attending that networking brunch alone (which might be new for you), or going to that meet-up happy hour may align you with others who will organically support your business aspirations. You’ll be amazed at who crosses your path when you put yourself out there to connect.

Be open to new connections

This is probably my biggest challenge. You have to be open to new connections! I don’t care what Drake said; “No new friends” my ass, Mr. Aubrey Graham. If you want to find your tribe, you need to make new friends. And no matter what anyone tells you, new friends can be amazing and supportive, especially if you have a lot in common. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Start your own damn tribe

how to find your tribe
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That’s right. If you’re having trouble finding your tribe, start your own! Seek out those with whom you have a lot in common, and coordinate events where like-minded people can gather. This can be an actual event, or even a virtual connection such as starting a Facebook group or  group chat. So if you can’t find a community, create one. BOOM.

So, here’s to finding your own tribe! Hope this helps 🙂


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  • We are so on the same page. Love this + love you. Do it baby! I am on team support, cross my heart. Cheers to BUILDING our tribe. XO.

  • Great post! Your tips were very helpful and SPOT ON! I used to feel bad because I don’t feel like I get much of any support from my friends and family. I learned no one will go as hard as I will for my dreams and hustle so I gave up. But finding a tribe is very helpful!

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