Fashion Inspiration

Hi, Luvs!  Just swinging by to spread a little inspiration to get you through the rest of your week!  Hold tight, we’re almost there!


#VivaLaWeekends  #WeekendsForever  #ILoveMyWeekends #TheOnlyThingBetterThanWeekendsAreMoreWeekends

Anyway!  On to the fashion inspiration:

fashion inspiration

I. Live. By. These. Rules.

When in doubt, overdress!  No matter the time, place or event, you can rest assure that you’re always looking your best and on your “A” game.  And no one can ever have TOO much knowledge, like ever.  Remember, knowledge is power!  Take in everything you can, absorb as much knowledge as possible, and do it in style!

Ciao for now! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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