Everybody’s trying to f*cking figure it out

Ok, so who isn’t having a major life crisis meltdown right now? Don’t everyone raise your hands at once! ???

But seriously though, it seems like everyone I talk to lately is stressing over some major life decisions, with not the slightest clue as to what they’re doing. I’ll admit, I most certainly don’t know what I’m doing, but I forgive myself for that and continue to roll with the punches. Some of the punches feel like blows to the face, but rolling with the punches nonetheless. ????


But the topic at hand – figuring out life – seems to be a recurring discussion I’m having with all groups of friends. Like, what IS this, the movie Groundhog Day?! I can’t even deal. Everyone’s just trying to get to the next level – and half the battle is figuring out WTF that next level is, and HOW you can get there. So I wanted to do a little video about my story and my choice to transition into another field, in hopes that it will resonate with you all and inspire you to continue trying to figure this thing out. ✨

Because seriously, everyone’s trying to f*cking figure it out – you are not alone!


I hope you enjoy, and please share your story in the comment section below!





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