B*tch Be Brunchin’: Palette 22

Apple Empanadas, you the real MVP. . .

It’s the weekend so you know what that means . . . BRUNCH TIME, BISH. #WontHeDoIt


Y’all know if I don’t do anything else on the weekend, this girl atleast gotta have her brunch – and brunch I had this weekend at Palette 22!


Truth be told, I had no intention of going to this place when I left my house this morning.  I was actually en route to another brunch location when I saw some awesome mural paintings from the windows.  Immediately intrigued, I knew I had to drop in to see what was poppin!


And poppin it was.  As soon as I walked in, it felt like I was at an art gallery. Total artsy-feel with an upbeat vibe (bubbly waitress & all).  They really turned up the creative vibes with a live artist nestled in the corner. The venue was spacious and extremely clean (they just opened 3 weeks prior), and the creative ambience let me know right away that I was in the right place.

FullSizeRender 7

The thing I liked most was that the menu was global street-style, with many cultural influences.  Additionally, most of the menu items were small plates and reasonably priced (ranging from $5-$8 per plate), which gave us an opportunity to try a lot of different things!

IMG_2080 IMG_2081

My absolute faves were the baja tacos ( I am all about a taco, honey) and the juicy lucy sliders (totally lives up to their name).  And the apple empanadas?! Listen . . . they were so good, I had a brief fantasy about crawling inside one and taking a nap there. I ain’t eem lying.



So, all in all, this was a pretty good brunch experience –  I’ll definitely be back! Until then, I’ll continue to fantasize about those apple empanadas (Jesus be a diet).




Here are a few more pics!




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