Birthday, Style and STK

Not your grandma’s steakhouse.

If you’re looking for a true lounge feel with a chic, swanky, upbeat twist, then STK is calling your name.  And before you ask, no, it’s not an acronym, yet a witty play on the word “steak”.  I mean seriously, it’s 2015 – vowels are irrelevant.


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I recently celebrated a birthday at STK and was very pleased with my experience.  The dimly-lit venue, nestled on a corner near the Dupont area, exudes intimacy.  Yet, the deejay and open space in the middle (just big enough for tipsy happy hour go’ers to cut a rug) says, “Hey, quit being a prude and cut a rug.”  The perfect juxtapose – giving people the option of being tucked away, or to let lose to a few 90’s jams.  I can’t speak for you, but I’m always down for a good Spice Girls throwback.

 I had a couple of mini burgers served on, which at the time, seemed like a plate of heaven. One of my friends had the most delectable mac n’cheese, and another had the perfectly stacked truffle fries, which prompted us to imitate an imaginary game of Jenga (this speaks to the amount of liquor consumed during this dinner – no judgment please).  Although we did not partake, small platters of ice cream cones with sprinkles and other yummy treats passed us by.  Needless to say, we were more concerned with the cocktails.

stk fries

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It certainly did not hurt that our super-bubbly waitress brought us a round of shots (for $Free.99 of course) in celebration of my birthday, and even suggested a few after-hour spots (some exotic – hey, I don’t judge).  Um, can you say win?


Bottom line, this is a great place to unwind with your colleagues for an after-work cocktail, or to get away with close friends for a celebratory dinner.  It can be low or high-key, depending on what you make it (and the number of drinks you’ve had).

Below are some pics of my birthday celebration!

I decided to go with an all-black theme this year, because let’s face it, can’t go wrong with all-black!  The weather has not been so nice and it’s easier to put together an all-black chic ensemble.

Celebration Day 1#

obmc bday4

Style Deets:

Black lace blouse, thrifted

Black pencil skirt, Express

Black heels, Jessica Simpson (thrifted for $8 – whoo hoo!)

Celebration Day #2:

obmc bday3

Style Deets:

Blazer and leather crop-top, Forever 21

Floral sequin pencil skirt, Piperlime

Black heels, Jessica Simpson (thrifted for $8 – whoo hoo!)

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