Ahhh . . The Simple Life!


Do you ever feel like you just need a break from it all?  A break from the city lights, stop’n’go traffic, honking horns and sirens?  This is exactly how I’ve been feeling lately.  Seems like the hustle and bustle of everyday life was just becoming very stressful and overwhelming.  Too much complication; not enough simplicity.

Whenever I feel like I just need to slow down and take a breather, I always go home.  The smell of  an upcoming rain shower (it’s not a myth – country people can always smell rain in the air); sipping sweet tea on my mother’s porch; being greeted by every single person in passing; oh yea, that’s what home is all about.  Realizing that no matter how far away you are and how long you’ve been gone, you can always return, re-group and re-energize.  Although I like to keep myself busy, sometimes the simple life is better!


Headed home for the simpler life this Summer?  I put something similar together for you!

So Summer!

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